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Choose from many templates

Choose one of the many available resume templates to resent your resume with. You can use different templates for each of your resumes.

Choose from multiple template
Format resume panel

Fully customize your resume

You can tweak and reformat the choosen resume template to further match your style. Change to your prefered font style, font size, line, paragraph and section spacing, among others. You can also choose the number of columns a section should be arranged.

Share public resume link

Every resume has a public viewing link. You can share this link with anyone - recruiters, employers and friends. The public view of your resume presents your resume in a view-only way. People will see the content of your resume with the formating you gave it. Additionally, you get to see how many times your resume has been viewed.

Public resume link
Drag and sort sections

Drag to sort/reposition sections

Just like almost everything in MakeCV, the display order of the sections of your resume is customizable. You can easily drag and reposition sections anywhere you want. Change what comes first and what follows next

Easy to generate/view/download the PDF of you Resume

You still need to download, store, print and share the PDF verion of your resume? No problem! With MakeCV, you can generate print and download the PDF copy of your formatted resume any time, any day by just a click of a button.

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